The Wizard - Amadeus the Magnificent
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All the women who don't love him

In Trine the Wizard is one of the three main playable characters.

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Amadeus is an older Wizard still "studying" at the Astral Academy. By a series of accidents, he has been left behind in the castle. He can see the undead army approaching and he is keen not to die. He wants to escape and get as far away from the undead as possible.


Usually at Amadeus' age, wizards would have graduated and left, but Amadeus never quite passed the wizardry exam. He has never learned the fireball spell, for example, having always been more interested in wooing the girls and goes to great lengths to pretend that he is a magnificent wizard. Usually it only leads to miserable failure.

Abilities Edit

see Wizard Abilities

Despite not having learned how to conjure a fireball, Amadeus knows a few useful spells. He can summon various objects into the world which act just like regular objects would. Boxes and Planks come easy to Amadeus. He can also Levitate objects and with enough practice, he can cast new objects in larger quantities. The Wizard also has the Ability to perform Wizard Surfing - an advanced game technique.

See also Edit

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The Wizard standing on one of his conjured planks.

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