The Thief - Zoya
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Robbing the rich to give to "herself"




To be rich


Not to be able to steal something

In Trine the Thief is one of the three main playable characters.

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Zoya otherwise Zoya Mistr is a Thief and comes from a distant land. She has heard of an ancient object that has tremendous value. The undead army marching towards the castle has done half the job for her — the castle has been abandoned and there is no-one to keep the treasure safe. The time is right.


Zoya is an exceptional thief and has a soft spot for all things shiny, but not much else is known about her. She keeps things close to her chest and does not invite anyone to ask her any questions. She has never revealed secrets to anybody.

Abilities Edit

see Thief Abilities

Zoya is an extraordinary archer. Her ranged attacks are great for hitting enemies at a longer distance. In close combat Zoya does not do as well, and it would be good to have Pontius protecting her. She also carries a Grapple Hook which she can attach to wooden surfaces. With it she can swing herself over ledges and climb upwards or descend.


It's said by Trine series writer Maija that Zoya is "A thief, a hero and a mystery. She is a self-serving thief but her heroic nature makes you wonder."

See alsoEdit

Trine - Thief Forest Run cropped

Zoya in the forest.

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The Thief discovers the Trine.

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