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The basic Sword.

Sword - basic

The basic Sword close up.

The Sword is a weapon used by the Knight.

The Sword is the first weapon that the Knight uses on the quest through the kingdom. The Sword is a single-handed broadsword with two cutting edges wielded in combination with the Shield. The Sword can be used by the Knight as he jumps and runs. The Sword can also be used by the Knight when he is under Water.

  • Primary use: It is primarily used as a cutting and slashing weapon to injure and kill Enemies.
  • Secondary uses: It can be used to block attacks from enemy swords. It can be used to knock shields from Skeletons arms making them easier to kill. It can be used to cut some types of rope. It can be used to move non-magical Use Items by hitting them with the Sword. It can be used to move some parts of some obstacles like the Tilting Board by hitting them with the Sword. It can be used to smash the Wizards Boxes, Planks and Floating Platforms. It can be used to smash some types of Crystal hazards.
  • Upgrades:
    • First Upgrade: The Knight has a 5% chance to critically hit Enemies, causing triple damage.
    • Second Upgrade: Flaming Sword - the whole Sword is on fire, causing more damage than the normal Sword.
    • Bottle of Poison: Adds damage to the basic sword.

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