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The Storm Hammer

Storm Hammer - close up

The Storm Hammer close up.

Storm Hammer - lightning

The full force of the Storm Hammer is unleashed.

The Storm Hammer is a weapon used by the Knight.

The Storm Hammer is a large two-handed sledgehammer that the Knight is able to use with extreme force. The Storm Hammer will give off bolts of lightning that fly into the air when it hits anything. If the full force of the Storm Hammer is delivered, a massive explosion of electrical storm energy will be released killing Enemies for some distance. When fully upgraded it is the most powerful short distance and medium distance weapon in the game. The Thief's fully upgraded Fire Bow only has the long distance advantage over the Storm Hammer. The Storm Hammer can also be used by the Knight when he is under Water.

The Storm Hammer can be found in a Chest in the Shadowthorn Thicket level.

  • Primary use: It is primarily used to smash and break things and to injure and kill Enemies.
  • Secondary uses: It can be used to smash Stone Doors. It can be used to block attacks from enemy swords. It can be used to knock shields from Skeletons arms making them easier to kill. It can be used to move non-magical Use Items by hitting them with the hammer. It can be used to move some parts of some obstacles like the Tilting Board by hitting them with the hammer. It can be used to smash the Wizards Boxes, Planks and Floating Platforms. It can be used to smash some types of Crystal hazards.
  • Upgrades:
    • First Upgrade: Unleash a secondary attack to deal massive damage. (note: hold attack button, then release)
    • Second Upgrade: Death from above! The Knight can perform the secondary attack while jumping down from a ledge. Undead beware!

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