Amadeus using his Levitation Ability (note the reddish glow around his hands)

Not to be confused with Conjuration.

Levitation is an Ability that the Wizard is able to use.

The Wizard is able to magically move many things using his Levitation Ability. The Wizard is only able to use his Levitation Ability if he has enough energy to do so. Using the Levitation Ability in the wrong way can seriously deplete the Wizard's energy level. Finding the most economical way to use Levitation can often be discovered with a little experimentation. When Amadeus uses his Levitation Ability a reddish glow surrounds his hands.

He is able to use his Levitation Ability on objects that are in Water but not when he is totally immersed underwater.

The Statue of the Eagle enchantment reduces the energy cost when Levitating objects by the Wizard.

His Ability to levitate things is often useful in the following situations:

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