Kings Journal

The resting place of the Old King's Journal.

The Journal is an important book that will have to be found in the game.

Sarek the Old King wrote a great Journal which was kept in a shrine in the Great Castle. The Three Heroes search for the Old King’s Journal which will hopefully give the heroes some answers.

The following is a passage from the storyline of the plot:

  • Narrator:  With great enthusiasm, the Wizard absorbed the contents of the King’s journal. Of particular interest were the last pages. The King told of how they had found the ancient ruins, abandoned long ago. Statues of virtue and architecture beyond imagination had clearly impressed the old King. The King’s journal did not contain much on the Artifacts but the vivid descriptions matched the signs on the tomb of the first Guardian. In legend there exists a place that the Guardians had called their home. If this was true, and the ruins were the origin of the Artifacts, our heroes might finally get some answers. The journal had carefully mapped out the location of the ruins - it was in the middle of the Forest, a long distance away. Our heroes began to follow the directions in the King’s journal...

The Journal can be found in the Throne of the Lost King level.

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