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The Fire Bow

Fire Bow - ready

Zoya ready to use her Fire Bow.

Fire Bow - arrow

A fire-arrow being fired from the Fire Bow.

The Fire Bow is an upgraded weapon used by the Thief.

The Fire Bow is an upgraded archery bow that can fire a single flaming fire-arrow to kill Enemies at a distance or at close quarters. It can be fired in any direction including downwards from an elevated position. The Fire Bow also comes with a magical quiver that never runs out of fire-arrows.

The Fire Bow can be found in a Chest in the Crypt of the Damned level.

  • Primary use: It is primarily used as a long distance weapon to injure and kill Enemies.
  • Secondary uses: It can be used to light Torches and set fire to the Wizard’s upgraded Floating Platform. It can be used to smash the Timber Grate using fire-arrows (does not work with ordinary arrows). It can be used to knock shields from Skeletons arms making them easier to kill. It can be used to move non-magical Use Items by hitting them with fire-arrows. It can be used to move some parts of some obstacles like the Tilting Board by hitting them with fire-arrows. It can be used to smash the Wizards Boxes, Planks and Floating Platforms. It can be used to smash some types of Crystal hazards.
  • Upgrades:
    • First Upgrade: Fire damage is increased.
    • Second Upgrade: A fire arrow will also cause some area damage if it misses its target.

Note: the maximum number of fire-arrows that can be fired in a single shot is one fire-arrow.

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