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The Fast Quiver

The Fast Quiver is a weapon accessory used by the Thief.

The Fast Quiver is an accessory that is used for the Bow or the Fire Bow. It allows the Thief to charge her Bow or Fire Bow faster, which gives a quicker arrow firing time. It also lowers "charge up" time for firing a greater distance. It is a magical quiver that never runs out of ordinary arrows or fire-arrows.

The Fast Quiver can be found in a Chest in the Throne of the Lost King level.

  • Primary use: It is primarily used to enable the Thief to charge her Bow or Fire Bow faster than the standard quiver.
  • Secondary uses: It is used to supply arrows and fire-arrows.
  • Upgrades:
    • First Upgrade: The Thief charges her Bow even faster.
    • Second Upgrade: The Thief is able to charge her Bow almost instantly.

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