Drum - unpowered

Amadeus negotiating a small Drum.

Drum - powered top

Zoya running on top of a large powered Drum.

Drum small

Zoya hanging from a small unpowered Drum.

Not to be confused with the Cog which has teeth.

The Drum is an obstacle that is sometimes encountered in the game.

The Drum is nearly always encountered as a single large Drum of various different types and sizes. It always has some wood as part of its construction.

It usually has to negotiated so that the three heroes can get to something or get to a new area that can be explored.

The Drum comes in two main types:

  1. The powered type, large and small.
  2. The unpowered type, large and small.

  • Thief: she is the only hero who is able to manipulate or use the Drum by using her Grapple Hook.

For a list of other types of obstacle see: Hazards

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