Amadeus using his Conjuration Ability (note the bluish glow around his hand)

Not to be confused with Levitation.

Conjuration is an Ability that the Wizard is able to use.

Amadeus the Wizard is able to magically conjure objects into the world. At first he is only able to conjure a single Box into existence that he can materialise in different sizes. He is also able to break the these magical objects so that they vanish, he can then conjure the objects back into existence. If Amadeus conjures more of an object than he has in his inventory then the first object conjured will be destroyed and vanish. For example if he only has the Ability to conjure two Boxes and he then conjures a third Box, the first Box that he conjured will break and vanish, meaning that only two Boxes can exist at any one time. When Amadeus uses his Conjuration Ability a bluish glow surrounds his hand.

By finding special Abilities in treasure Chests he will be able conjure extra different types of objects. Also by finding special upgrade enchantments in treasure Chests he will be able to conjure more of the objects.

He can only conjure objects if he has enough energy to do so.

The Wizard can conjure magical objects into Water and he can also conjure objects into existence when he is underwater.

He can use the Conjuration Ability to push away Enemies when they attack.

  • All Three Heroes can use or destroy the objects that the Wizard can conjure into existence.
  • Enemies can use or destroy the objects that the Wizard can conjure into existence.

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