Checkpoint pedestal

Checkpoint pedestal

Checkpoint - ready

Zoya about to activate a Checkpoint.

Checkpoint - activated

The above Checkpoint now activated.

Checkpoints allow the player to resurrect the Three Heroes and they also restore their health and energy.

A Checkpoint appears as a small pedestal with a magical sphere on top. When one of the three characters reaches a Checkpoint it will become active and a glowing white light will rise from the sphere.

The player can return to any previous checkpoint. If all of the characters die, the player will have the option in the Game Over Menu to “Continue from the last checkpoint”.

The following is a list of the number of Checkpoints that are found in each of the levels:

1. Astral Academy  – 0 checkpoints

2. Academy Hallways – 9 checkpoints

3. Wolvercote Catacombs – 4 checkpoints

4. Dragon Graveyard – 7 checkpoints

5. Crystal Caverns – 5 checkpoints

6. Crypt of the Damned – 4 checkpoints

7. Forsaken Dungeons – 7 checkpoints

8. Throne of the Lost King – 5 checkpoints

9. Fangle Forest – 6 checkpoints

10. Shadowthorn Thicket – 6 checkpoints

11. Ruins of the Perished – 8 checkpoints

12. Heartland Mines – 7 checkpoints

13. Bramblestoke Village – 6 checkpoints

14. Iron Forge – 10 checkpoints

15. Tower of Sarek – 2 checkpoints

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