Beam (wood)

Wooden Beam.


The Wizard standing on some wooden Beams.

Not to be confused with the Wizard's Plank.

The Beam is a non-magical item  that can be found in the game.

The Beam is a large stout wooden object with metal bands on the ends. It can be used to bridge gaps, placed on Pressure Switches and a few other uses. It can also be used to throw at or to drop on Enemies.

  • Knight: he can push it and move it slowly or he can hit it with his Sword or his Storm Hammer to move it a short distance.
  • Thief: she can push it and move it a little or she can fire arrows at it to move it slightly.
  • Wizard: he can control and levitate it, he can also lift or move it a long distance quickly.

For a list of other objects that can be used in-game see: Use Items

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